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[Changsha Evening News] first Changsha Metro dynamic debugging speed parking gentle
Author:Zhuzhou Locomotive

   Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Chunpu) "the personnel on the car note, Metro began running, please caution." 2 pm yesterday afternoon, the city rail test line of China's Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd, the first column of Changsha Metro started dynamic debugging. The subway before running, driver Zhou Yaofa in gently reminded the personnel on the car radio. It is understood, Changsha Metro this month to begin a dynamic debugging, yesterday is the first open to the media show dynamic debugging status. Our newspaper reporter to become the first experience of Changsha Metro Running lucky, feel the real operation of Changsha Metro in orbit.

   The 2 km test line, running back and forth four or five times

   Yesterday afternoon 2 when, in the test line track, is about to start debugging the six compartment of the Changsha Metro static Park quietly, look, quiet atmosphere. Mark "Changsha Metro subway front" has not yet been posted. Because it is in the test line, not from a carriage door, the reporter can only climb from the cab. Driver Zhou Yaofa are doing the preparation work before the test, we used the intercom and the rear of the driver's communication.

   The whole room, urban rail development department director Nie Wenbin introduced the CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., debugging points for static debugging debugging and dynamic, static debugging Changsha Metro had already completed. Dynamic debugging traction power, braking system, the main detection of metro vehicles, through debugging to adjust to the best state, dynamic debugging time required for about a month.

   Test line a total of five, respectively is the locomotive, vehicles, urban rail, magnetic levitation and storage vehicle test line. Yesterday's debugging in urban rail test line, length of approximately 4 km, but only 2 kilometers back and forth yesterday in the middle between. Reporter in nearly 2 hour's ride, to and fro four or five times.

  To stop, press hardly feel

    Because it is a test, so each has a driver cab front ends. Zhou Yaofa previously served as Shanghai, Ningbo, Kunming, Zhengzhou metro operation commissioning driving, rich experience, but when it comes to the Changsha Metro driver, he's somewhat excited: "after all, this is we the people of Hunan subway, I will also have the opportunity to take, feel very cordial."

   As the train began to accelerate, the scene quickly back by train. Yesterday the test requirements of speed limit of 35 km per hour, the reporter observed driver control panel on the stage, after the car run, speed is maintained at 33 to 35 kilometers. The reporters feel speed smooth, there is no obvious physical. The staff said, test line less than regular operating lines as straight, it is specially for the test vehicle design efficiency and quality and do. The official line operators more straight than test line, and the subway will run more smoothly than now.

   It is understood, dynamic debugging to gradually increase from zero speed to normal speed, and then to the highest speed, check brake under different speed distance with the design and safety requirements, will last about a month.

   Because the dynamic adjustment of only a few days, the braking software also needs further run-in. The debugging process, the staff in the operation of a variety of instructions and requirements. The reporter saw, two experts to be absorbed in calculation of relevant data and analysis of braking system for notebook computer. In the observation of interior various situation, the reporter did not feel the subway stop slowly, and slowly start.

   Sound insulation of advanced air conditioning, slight sound can be heard

   Yesterday afternoon, Zhuzhou sunny, hot. In the compartment, air conditioning is completely open, cool and comfortable at the same time, the reporters also feel, the noise inside the car make people satisfied, because fewer people can hear the sound of air conditioning, slight a.

   This is because the carriage design using a variety of ways to reduce the vehicle inside and outside noise, such as side wall sound-absorbing cotton, the aluminum hollow plug sound-absorbing cotton, chassis, wheel sprayed mud resistance for S board with noise damping ring. At the same time, the vehicles are designed according to EN50121 standard, strict control of electrostatic and magnetic field strength, reduce the electromagnetic pollution to the environment, does not affect the public system call quality.

   In the compartment, the reporter saw the floor and seat are paved with a thick cardboard. "This is a protective plate, to prevent damage in debugging carriage", Nie Wenbin said, so as to guarantee new subway facilities intact at the time of delivery. Reporters also learned that, in the process of debugging, the factory technical personnel and strive to reach the acme of perfection, do not ignore every detail.

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