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China Nanche chairman Zheng ChangHong was named "ten innovative personages"

In April 18th, third Chinese independent innovation will be held in Beijing, China's chairman Zheng Changhong was awarded "the title ten creative people". At the same time, was rated "ten innovative figures" and CSIC "dragon", the research team, aerospace science and technology Ltd. Beidou navigation system research and development team, Alibaba chairman Ma Yun Ma Huateng, Tencent Inc. This year will be sponsored by the economic daily, the theme of "driving the global vision of innovation". Annual meeting for China's ten major innovative city, ten innovative enterprises, ten innovative characters, as well as a group of the most innovative city, growth and industrial innovation vitality of the city and the enterprise innovation typical.

The selection process, the economic daily news and the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Tsinghua University, released the 2012 annual "city of innovation, innovative enterprises and innovation character evaluation system", in which, ten innovative characters winners should meet the following requirements: service enterprise in the industry with high visibility, are the industry benchmarking enterprises; during his tenure through continuous innovation, leading enterprises have achieved great development; during the development work of enterprise, has played an irreplaceable role; social reputation, in line with the national mainstream media propaganda.

Zheng Changhong led China Nanche seize the opportunity, put forward the "advance planning, independent innovation, system integration, the key breakthrough" development ideas. In his and the team's efforts, China South Locomotive technology R & D and manufacturing level at or near the world advanced level in the same industry, developed the CRH2 series EMUs, the world's first grow marshalling sleeper EMUs, leading the vehicle research and development of new generation of high speed train CRH380A manufacturing, and created the highest speed world railway operation test 486.1 km in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, high speed test train more out of 605 km / h speed in a laboratory rolling stand, become a symbol of the rapid development of China's high-speed rail is an important witness and leads the world in high-speed rail development.

As a "witness rapid development of Chinese high-speed rail" China Nanche, repeatedly won the national scientific and technological progress award and the first prize, with independent innovation achievements of many iconic. In last year's Chinese Independent Innovation Conference, China Southern has won the "China top ten innovative enterprises" title.

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