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Economic Daily: independent innovation, enterprises should play a leading role

The government work report pointed out that society as a whole, spending R & D funds accounted for the proportion of GDP has increased from 1.4% in 2007 to 1.97% in 2012, of which R & D expenditures accounted for more than 74%. This means that the leading role of enterprises in technological innovation system in China has been more and more prominent. This process is how to achieve? What experience is worth to popularize, what are the deficiencies need to improve?

Money where come

In 2012, our whole society for research and development expenditure, investment accounted for 74%. This problem is how to get?

Government funds guide is an important means of. The National People's Congress on behalf of Suqian municipal Party committee secretary of Jiangsu Province, Lan Shaomin told reporters, Suqian in the country the first "innovation voucher" system, has two to nearly 1000 companies issued 66000000 yuan free innovation voucher, drive investment in science and technology enterprises 8.5 times. Lan Shaomin said: "Suqian is the Jiangsu economic area, to shorten the gap with the developed areas, must take the science and technology innovation and breakthrough."

By the state-owned enterprises take the lead in bear, large numbers of small and medium enterprises participate in the major strategic task, is another important experience. A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Ministry of science and Technology Minister Wan Gang told reporters, China's high-speed rail, the Qinghai-Tibet railway, West to east gas pipeline, the Three Gorges project, power transmission from west to East and other national key projects, are shared by many medium and small enterprises. In addition, the major special high-end chip, high-end digital machine tools, petroleum and natural gas has obvious industrialization goal, also is such arrangement.

The support of capital market and the relevant preferential policies, in the R & D investment role in essential. In 2012, the Innovation Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises of our country invested about 4000000000 yuan, promote capital market, banks and other support to small and medium-sized enterprises of more than about 100000000000 yuan.

Support through tax breaks and a series of policy, high-tech industry has been rapid development. In 2012, China's high-tech exports accounted for first in the world, the total income of 105 National High-tech Zone has more than 16 yuan, the industrial added value accounted for the national industrial added value of 13.6%.

Where talent search

In 2012, the total amount of R & D personnel in China reached 3200000. How to get more talent, become a leading enterprise innovation must face the problem.

The introduction of talent and training in practice, most enterprises adopt the method. The National People's Congress, Hengtong Group Chairman Cui Genliang said, "talents are the foundation of the enterprise, the source of innovation." In the field of communication optical cable, Hengtong group in recent years the introduction of a number of experts at home and abroad, to become the industry strategy of talent highland. "Not only to make good use of domestic talent, but also with good overseas talents, technology resources. We determined the '531' international development strategy, that is more than 50% products are exported to overseas, more than 30% of assets to overseas assets, more than 10% personnel for the internationalization of talents. The international competitiveness of enterprises from the core technology and talent."

Let the scientific research personnel to go out, exercise in cooperation, is the only way which must be passed of universities and scientific research institutes and enterprises cooperation.

A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Tianjin University of Science and Technology President Cao Xiaohong introduced, in recent years, active cooperation and University researchers and enterprises increasingly high, more and more enterprises hope and university cooperative R & D. In order to encourage school scientific research personnel to the front line, the evaluation system is also in the reform, "such as Tianjin graduate from lecturer, associate professor, there must be at least one year working experience in enterprise, Associate Professor Professor promotion also need to add a year."

Strengthen the scientific and technological resources sharing, is an effective measure to solve the enterprise innovation personnel shortage and scattered strength. According to data provided by the Ministry of science and technology, China has constructed 95 industry technology innovation strategic alliance, integrated more than 2000 industry leading enterprises, universities and research institutes of the talent and technology resources, in order to solve the problem of key and common technology industry. Also rely on key enterprises and restructuring of institutes, the construction of 99 National key laboratories and 164 National Engineering Technology Research Center, to the enterprise original innovation ability to significantly improve.

Results where push

In 2012, the total output value of China's high technology industry is expected to break through 10 yuan. Comparison of GDP in 2012 51.9 yuan of numbers, we can understand why the government work report, the high technology industry has "become the national economy important leading, pillar industry". But also should see, the promotion of scientific research in our country is not easy, affected the enthusiasm of independent innovation of enterprises. How to break down the barriers to promote independent innovation achievements system, has become part of the topic of discussion members.

The National People's Congress, Lianyungang Port Group Chairman Bai Liqun said, at the beginning of 2010, Lianyungang Port Group and Hebei Ocean Group jointly set up a research project group, began the development of shore power technology. "The previous ship docked at the pier must be 24 hours using auxiliary power to meet the demand for electricity, waste and pollution. Using shore power technology can solve this problem." Bai Liqun said, this technology has risen to national standard, there are many promotion problem. For example, the emission reduction targets exactly in the who? Shore power outlet used on how foreign ships fees?

There is hope to promote the establishment of new mechanisms to promote the independent innovation achievements. The National People's Congress, Taizhou medicine high-tech Industrial Development Zone Party committee secretary Lu Chunyun said, "the United States of America now to speed up the approval of new drugs, a year more than 3000 new drug approval, our country only a year more than 200. Can implement new drug approvals pre-trial preparation and early intervention policies in the park, accelerate the approval of new medicines?"

A representative hope the relevant departments with an international perspective to promote independent brand and technology. The National People's Congress, the new United Group Chairman Zhou Licheng put forward, is a company engaged in rail transportation, new energy, CNC equipment services of high-tech enterprises, the new reputation in the international market competition to encounter many technical barriers. "337 investigation is a trade barrier by the United States Patent and intellectual property barriers, the United States of America in the past that Chinese enterprises, only for small and medium-sized enterprises, now China's large enterprises have also investigated." Zhou Licheng suggested that the government departments to respond effectively, create a fair competition environment for international trade for the enterprise, "can follow the policy and legal level, coordinate related action, paving the way for domestic enterprises. Can also set the Chinese version of the 337 survey, increase the weapons, maintain domestic enterprise legal rights."


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