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The Ningbo the Jiangbei Gofront and Wing Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the glorious Electric"), formerly known as Ningbo Locomotive Capacitor Development Center, the company was founded in April 1991 by CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd.Ningbo Jiangbei District, asset management companies established a joint venture, in 2009 became the eastern base of Zhuzhou. In May 2012, the company reset the organizational structure, rational division of functions of the departments, divided into eight functional marketing center, technology center, quality management, manufacturing management, financial assets, general management, engineering department, planning and development department management, to the end of 2012, the company currently employs 131 people, including one in the Master, 21 bachelor's degree, college graduate and 25, intermediate grade 9, two senior titles.
The company has a history of 20 years of professional manufacturing capacitors, holds 15 patents and a number of core technologies, and with international top 920 wide metal coating equipment, multiple Korea, Europe imported automatic rolling equipment to ensure product advanced nature and consistency of multiple sets of test equipment with independent intellectual property rights, in accordance with the IEC61881 standard detection, high-pressure test, vibration test, high and low temperature test, life test, such as a full set of tests on various types of capacitors and electrical equipment, state-of-the-art the device is the company's competitive strength of protection, the company is the GB/T25121-2010 rail transit rolling stock equipment capacitors for power electronics "the first national standard drafting unit.
Creating value for customers, to meet customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction, and Wing Electric operating core and purpose.


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